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First Offense:
  • A Fine of not less than $100.00 and
  • Imprisonment for not more than 15 days or community service for 15 days as the court shall deem appropriate or both
  • Possible suspension of your drivers license in the discretion of the Direction of the Division of Motor Vehicles.

For a Second or Subsequent Offense for Passing a School Bus in NJ you face:
  • The same penalties as above plus an additional $150.00 in fines

In addition to the above penalties for passing a school bus in New Jersey, your cost for insuring your car will
surge for the next three years. This innocent looking little ticket could cost you several thousands of dollars
due to the fact that your drivers license will be charged with 5 points.  However, these 5 points may be the
cheapest part of the violation.  For even a first offense the motor vehicle commission of the State of NJ may
suspend your drivers license for a period of time as determined by the director.  If your license is suspended
due to a school bus ticket think of how you would go about your daily life.  You could lose your job, your house
and all that is important to you and your family!  Don't let this happen to you, we can help.  Call our office at 1-
800-9-RIGHTS or (732) 257-5040 to setup a free in office consultation and learn how we can help you win,
reduce or eliminate the penalties you face.  
Defenses to passing a
school bus do exist
, but
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reduce or win you ticket.  
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Passing a School Bus in NJ is a very serious offense for which you can
lose your drivers license, go to jail and even perform community service
You cannot pass a school bus whenever it is discharging or picking up
children unless the roadway is separated by a divider thats it.  Many
people think its legal to pass a school bus if the children are on the
opposite side of the road.  WRONG!  Other people feel that its ok to
pass a school bus if the school bus is stopped for an extended period
of time.  WRONG!  In New Jersey you cannot pass a school bus
anytime it has its yellow or red flashing lights on no matter how long the
bus is stopped for.  Even if you see no children anywhere in the
distance you still must stop and wait, this is because the bus driver may
be required to wait for a child or to assist a disabled child on the bus.  
We understand that some clients tell us that the bus driver waived at
them to go.  This is not a defense in NJ you must stop and wait until the
school bus lights are off.  The bus driver is not a NJ law enforcement or
police officer and thus, cannot give you an exception to the law to
improperly pass his bus.
Why the Penalties for Passing A School Bus in
NJ are so severe and can result even in Jail?
Our children are considered our most valuable assets and thus
protecting them is the highest priority for our police.  Hundreds of
school children each year are injured as a result of motorists passing
stopped school buses.  Thus the legislature has made the penalties
even when no children are hurt very severe.  Therefore an
experienced and skilled traffic lawyer is a must to make sure you
have the best chance of keeping your drivers license and not going
to jail or performing community service.   No Attorney can guarantee
a result but our record speaks for itself.
*98% Success Rate is based on first offense NJ Passing a school bus tickets handled by Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq.,without any accident involved in the offense. Lower rates apply for our
associate and per-diem lawyers and for 2nd time offenders.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  By law no attorney can guarantee a result.  
**Additional Penalties for Passing a School Bus in NJ may apply for CDL license drivers contact our lawyer for details.                                                       Copyright 2015 H Scott Aalsberg, Esq., P.C.
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