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IMPROPER PASSING 39:4-85 and 39:4-86: If you get convicted of improper passing in
NJ you will be accessed 4 points on your license.  
 Don't let points ruin your clean record,
increase your car insurance rates and cost you money.  We have a high success rate of
eliminating the points this ticket carries.  Learn how, setup your free in office consultation at
1-800-974-4487 and start saving money today.

In New Jersey for Insurance purposes it takes 3 years from the date of your violation/conviction for
the points to be eliminated off your insurance.  That is why a conviction for this offense should be
fought with proper legal representation.  Improper passing in NJ can amount to many different
actions.  Some of the 5 most commonly ticketed actions for improper passing in NJ are:
1) Passing on the shoulder of the road
2) Passing without using a signal (can also be charged with failure to signal)
3) Passing over a double yellow line
4) Passing multiple cars at one time
5) Passing on the right hand side of another vehicle

For Improper Passing Tickets Marked Mandatory Court Appearance:  In addition, to points you could
also receive up to 15 days in jail.  (note that unless your offense involves an accident or a mandatory
court appearance it is very rare, but possible for a judge to impose jail).  In addition to possible jail
for tickets marked mandatory court appearance, the judge does have the discretion to suspend your
license.  If you lose your license either because you have accumulated too many points or because
the judge feels that your violation warrants a suspension, you could lose your job, your house and all
that is important to you!  Don't go it alone we can help.  Call our office at 1-800-9-RIGHTS or (732)
257-5040 to setup a free in office consultation to find out how we can help you reduce or eliminate
these penalties.  You have rights, but you must know how to protect them we can help.
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