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11 Penalties Associated With A DWI in NJ that Most People Don’t Realize Until They Get Convicted:

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NJ DWI Penalties Most People Don't Know

Charged with DWI or DUI in NJ you will be subject to the following 11 penalties

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  • You will Face a minimum of up to 30 days in jail for even for the lowest level DWI.
  • Loss of your right to drive for a minimum of 30 days for the lowest level 1st offense.
  • Your DWI or DUI will have a permanent record on your drivers license which can never be expunged or deleted.This may prevent you from finding employment, seeking financial aid, buying a house, or renting an apartment.
  • You will have to pay Fines, Surcharges and Court Costs which can range from a minimum of $3,500.00 to $5,000.00.
  • If you get community service which can be given in place of jail for a 1st offense and is mandatory for a 2nd offense you may be drug tested.
  • In indictable DWI/DUI matters (4th degree or higher), you will be required to provide a DNA sample, which could be used by law enforcement for the investigation of criminal activity, and pay for the cost of testing.
  • You must pay restitution if the court finds a victim who has suffered a loss. (example: if you were in an accident in NJ and get convicted of a DWI you will have to pay the victim for the damages to his car or property)
  • If you are a public employee of a government agency, school teacher or an office holder, you can may be required to forfeit your job, pension or office by virtue of your plea of guilty.
  • Increased costs for homeowners, apartment, life insurance and car insurance due to the fact that you are considered a "poor moral hazard." The increased cost in insurance alone over the next 3 years can in most cases easily pay for the cost of representation thus, we can save you even more money than what our fee will cost you today.
  • You may be barred entry to several countries including but not limited to Canada, Mexico, Australia and Japan and you most rental car companies will not rent a car to a person convicted of a DWI or DUI charge.
  • CDL holders are subject to additional penalties for a DWI and have a lower BAC limit of only (.04) and are not allowed to have any drugs in their system that would effect their driving abilities. If a CDL driver is found to have drugs or .04 BAC level they face an automatic one year loss of their CDL license for the DWI in addition to the standard license suspension and also face up to 3 year loss of their CDL license if they fail to take the alcotest. For a second offense the CDL driver will be facing the lifetime loss of his or her license. See NJ CDL Disqualification Major Serious Offenses
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The Most Important Penalty for a DWI in NJ - If you lose you cannot later win!

If you lose your NJ DWI at trial your chances of winning your DWI on appeal are almost nil. Hundreds of appeals are filed each year for DWI Convictions in NJ. Only a handful if any in a given year are won. Even if you win the appeal the trial judge cannot stay your jail sentence or license suspension during the appeal process unless the judge finds that you have a reasonable prospect of winning. (State vs. Robertson) If this was the case the judge probably would have never convicted you to begin with. Thus, if you wish to win your DWI you must get the best DWI Lawyer as you your license suspension or even jail time may be already served before your appeal is heard.

For the past 30 years we have helped thousands charged with DWI or DUI's in New Jersey reduce, avoid or eliminate these DWI penalties. Let us help you. Preparing the best and proper defense for your DWI case takes time. Just as if you had cancer you wouldn't wait until the cancer is terminal to get medical attention, nor should you wait to hire a lawyer to represent you for your DWI/DUI charge. Everyday you wait the harder and less likely it will be to get a successful result. Protect your rights now, call our office and set up a free in office consultation, the Call is free the advice is priceless. Attorney Aalsberg has a 98%* Success rate to win, reduce or eliminate the penalties for all NJ traffic ticket charges.

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Under NJSA: 39:5-31: A judge may suspend the driving privileges of any person he/she deems to be guilty of a “willful violation” of the law. In simplified layman terms this means that, if the driver knew or should have known, what he/she was doing was illegal or improper, (example running a red light or speeding double the limit or 30mph or more over the limit etc.) the judge may issue a license revocation or suspension to that person even if the particular statute has no provision for a license suspension.

A suspension under 39:5-31 is generally only given by a judge when a ticket is either:

  • Marked with a mandatory court appearance or
  • When an accident occurs as a result of the ticketed persons actions or
  • If the person has a bad past driving record. (points may go away over time, but the violation stays on your record for life)

Accordingly, If your ticket is marked mandatory court appearance, do not try to handle this ticket yourself, put the experience of Attorney Aalsberg to work for you to help reduce or eliminate any possible license suspension.


If you're convicted of DWI or DUI you will lose your license. No exceptions! Without a license you can't drive to work or anywhere else. If you drive you will go to jail. We can Help! We have a high sucess ratio of reducing or eliminating the penalties associated with a DWI/DUI. Call now to set up your free consultation.

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