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Ticketed for Going Thru a Stop or
Yield Sign in NJ? 39:4-144 We
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Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., P.C.

If you get convicted for a stop or yield sign violation (39:4-144) you will receive 2 points. For most people charged with a stop or yield sign ticket we can help eliminate the points by having this ticket converted to another no point offense even if your are guilty of the ticket! Put Attorney Aalsberg’s 98%* Success rate to work for you.

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Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign Requirements

A drivers car must come to a complete stop within 5 feet of the nearest crosswalk or stop line or sign and shall proceed only after yielding the right of way to all other traffic or persons.

Failure to Yield Right of Way Requirements

The driver must stop his vehicle at least 5 feet prior to a yield sign if any other traffic is present including pedestrians and yield the right of way. A driver must yield the right of way to a pedestrian at any crosswalk or unmarked crossing if the driver is turning.

Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., P.C.

Let Us Help:

  • Eliminate Your Points
  • Reduce Insurance costs
  • Keep your record clean

You Don't Just Need to Stop at a Stop or Yield Sign But you Need to Stop Long Enough:

Do you feel you were unfairly ticketed or singled out for going past a stop or yield sign. Your not alone!  Unfortunately the way the law is applied, Its not just stopping that is required.  It is stopping long enough to make sure the way is safe and to make sure no other traffic is coming.  This is because if you have a stop or yield sign the other traffic has the right of way.   We have found that most judges want you to stop at a stop sign for at least 3 seconds to make sure no other traffic is coming.  This ticket is a big money maker for the State and Insurance companies because most people don't stop long enough.   Although your ticket may only raise a hundred or so dollars for the State in regards to a fine, your ticket can cost you thousands of dollars in increased insurance costs, by jeopardizing your ability to get preferred insurance rates, and require you to purchase high-risk insurance. The Points associated with a stop or yield sign ticket can cost you dearly on your insurance. For Insurance purposes it takes 3 years from the date of your violation/conviction for the points to be eliminated off your insurance. That is why a conviction for this offense should be fought with proper legal representation. The cost of representation for your stop sign ticket is much less than what must people will pay for the insurance increase due to the points, thus saving you money and more importantly keeping your record clean! Call 1-800-9-RIGHTS and get the defense you need and eliminate the points this ticket carries. The cost of representation in most cases will be less than your insurance increase and you will get your record clean making it less likely to be stopped and ticketed again.

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*If court appearance mandatory is checked and a court date shown on your ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign or yield sign ticket the judge could suspend your license or even impose up to 15 days in jail. That is why the ticket has a mandatory court appearance. If this is your situation don't try to handle court appearance yourself. If you go to jail or have your drivers license suspended, you could lose your job, your house and all that is important to you! Call 1-800-9-RIGHTS or 732-257-5040 to setup a free in office consultation to find out how we can help you reduce or eliminate these penalties. You have rights, but you must know how to protect them we can help.

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Under NJSA: 39:5-31: A judge may suspend the driving privileges of any person he/she deems to be guilty of a “willful violation” of the law. In simplified layman terms this means that, if the driver knew or should have known, what he/she was doing was illegal or improper, (example running a red light or speeding double the limit or 30mph or more over the limit etc.) the judge may issue a license revocation or suspension to that person even if the particular statute has no provision for a license suspension.

A suspension under 39:5-31 is generally only given by a judge when a ticket is either:

  • Marked with a mandatory court appearance or
  • When an accident occurs as a result of the ticketed persons actions or
  • If the person has a bad past driving record. (points may go away over time, but the violation stays on your record for life)

Accordingly, If your ticket is marked mandatory court appearance, do not try to handle this ticket yourself, put the experience of Attorney Aalsberg to work for you to help reduce or eliminate any possible license suspension. Attorney Aalsberg has a 98%* Success rate to win, reduce or eliminate the penalties for all NJ traffic ticket charges.