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Many people fail to realize that the law in NJ states that even a spouse does not get all of the other spouses assets
unless they specifically give them those assets in a Will or Trust.  In NJ a spouse if no will or other testamentary
document exists, in simplified terms a spouse will only be entitled to an elective share.  This elective share could be
as little as 25% for some.  See NJSA 3B:5-3(c)(1)-(2 )  the first one-fourth of the intestate estate (but not less than
$50,000 or more than $200,000), plus one-half of the balance.  Furthermore this amount can be reduced by funeral
expenses and other debts owed by the estate.  Don't let this happen to you, plan your Will or Estate Plan today and
make sure you get protected.  Call our office now at 1-800-9-RIGHTS for a free in office consultation*
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Why You Need A Will:
If you die without a Will the State of
New Jersey will determine who gets  
your car, house, bank accounts and
any other assets.  Money that you
worked so hard to save will be given
to people you may not even like.  
Even your spouse by operation of law
may only be entitled to approximately
25% of your estate by operation of
law (see below). If you have children
and die without a Will, the State will  
determine who will be the guardian of
your children.  Someone you don't
even know or like may raise your

Don't let this happen to you protect
yourself, your spouse, your children
and your assets before its too late
with a simple will from Attorney H.
Scott Aalsberg.   You will spend
thousands of dollars on insurance in
a lifetime, however a few hundred
dollars spent on a Will today can
mean more to your loved ones.

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*Free Consultation only valid for NJ Estate Planning and Simple Will Matters during normal business hours at either
our Wayne NJ or East Brunswick NJ office, otherwise $150.00 fee applies.  3% additional surcharge for using a credit
card for payment.  Free consultation is limited to 1 per family and is provided in an in office consultation.  These offers
may be withdrawn at any time without notice.  Client must print out coupon for Will and Power of Attorney for any
Coupon Pricing. Our Attorney is also available for limited in home or facility visits for an additional fee of $750.00 but
the testator must be of sound mind and body nor under the influence of any drugs  A simple will or power of attorney
may not be right for every individual and presenting coupon does not mean that the attorney will draft one for you.  
Some clients may need additional extras, see attorney for details such as a guardian or trust for young children.
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Don't Be Fooled and Spend $5K
or More for an Estate Plan:   You
May Not Need an Extensive
Estate Plan and only a Will to
protect your assets.

Why pay more for what you may not
need.  Plus Federal and State Laws are
constantly changing and your expensive
estate plan today may not take care of
tomorrows estate tax.  Setup a
consultation and learn if you need a
complex estate plan or whether a simple
will can save your hard earned money.

Contrary however to many peoples
belief NJ Still does have an inheritance
tax.  However, the following
beneficiary's listed below are exempt.  
Thus, if the people you plan to leave
your assets to are listed below no
inheritance tax will be assessed as of
the time this webpage was posted:
  • Surviving spouses
  • Surviving domestic or civil partners
  • Children and subsequent direct
    descendants (grandchildren, great-
    grandchildren, etc.)
  • Parents and other direct ancestors
    (grandparents, great-
    grandparents, etc.)
  • Step-children (but not subsequent
  • Qualified charities
  • Religious, educational, and
    medical institutions
  • Non-profit benevolent and
    scientific institutions
  • The State of New Jersey
However, Without a properly drafted Will the
beneficiary's you want to receive your money
may never get it, thus the reason to plan your
Will today with an experienced Will/Estate
Planning Lawyer!
A+ Rating
Personally Drafted Will $699.00. Fast Turnaround! Call 1-800-974-4487 for details.
4 Reasons You Need A Will Now and Shouldn't Wait!
Protect Your Loved Ones:  Make sure your money goes to your spouse and those you love!  Only with a
personally drafted will by an Attorney can you make sure your assets will go to who you want.
Save Money:  A little planning today can save you tens of thousands of dollars tomorrow in probate costs!
Lets You Determine Rather Than The State of NJ:  Who gets your children!
Because Tomorrow is Never Guaranteed: Even if you just get disabled it may be too late to get a Will.
Our Lawyer Drafted Simple Will
Starts as low as $6
Beware of Online Wills Making Software they do not guarantee that your assets will go to
the people you want.  So what are you paying your money for?  Sure you can save money
today, but your family may lose everything tomorrow.  The money you worked so hard to
save for, may go to a stranger if you don't have a properly drafted Will.  Call now (732)
257-5040 to setup your Free in office Consultation to discuss your Will.